Friday, July 22, 2005

Guidance and Inspiration

Many in the world today are wrestling with how they should live a fruitful life. The hardest part they encounter is deciding what is right and what is wrong. Over my life time I have discovered there is no one concrete way to go about things. It turns out that our ideology is what is most important. To know, understand, and practice what we believe to be the moral, ethical, and spiritual mind set we choose. Therefore, I have come across with some inflatus over my years on this earth. The following are ten of mine to get you started thinking about where your head is right now.

Learn that love, sex, and lust is not the same.

Know who you are and why you are you.

Make life plans and know what goes with it and what doesn’t.

You can’t undo yesterday, the past, the present is today,
which will affect tomorrow, your future.

Don’t ever give what you don’t want to receive.

To get respect, you’ve got to earn it. To give respect, you have to
know what it is.

Everyone is born with a long life line. A carefree sex life can shorten it.

Get to know the person you lay down with before you lay down.

Whenever you’re not sure about something, walk away.

If you create it, you own it for life.

These are some of Sylvia’s view points on life. You can include them in yours, pass them onto others, or simply ignore them, the choice is yours.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Leave Our Police Force Alone

I am a Detroiter. I was raised in this city and lived in it off and on, more on than off, for 52 years. My love for Detroit swings high and low but it is and always will be my town. Contrary to popular belief, Detroit and its people are of good stock. We made be adamant about view points, unwilling to change much but, when we say we like you, we really like you. Based on moral and ethical convictions we stand by what we believe.

Now here is what I personally believe. If this city lays off any police and fireman, the city will go to hell in a hand basket. With unemployment high enough to float a balloon into space, with terrorist on the loose, children suffering at the hands of molesters, drugs and prostitution still rampant, and neighborhoods spiraling downward, we cannot afford to live without the only protection we have, police and fireman. Has anybody thought about criminals having heard of these layoffs? If it looks as if business for the law has been slow, it is because all criminals have to do is wait, wait for the day the numbers of firemen and police are down and go to work. Knowing that there would not be enough working to stop them from going hog wild all over the city.

If the city administration can't find money to keep the services going, I say the city administration should have the decency to quit. Running this city and any other metropolis is like running a business, if the man upstairs can't do his job, the owners (shareholders) can say hit the road jack! When a top dog is hired to run a business, and running this city is running a business, to make it profitable, he is to be dismissed. I am sorry but I don't like my money wasted in any form or fashion. As a major stock holder of the business of Detroit, I am looking like any other stockholder, for a return on my money.

So for all those who are listening, if you downsize my investment in the way of police and firemen and expect me to sit still and be quiet, I will see you at the next stockholders meeting (election). I will not stand still watching the city of Detroit get ready for all hell to break loose. If you really want me to be happy, cut the red tape and do what you got to do. Let go of all the department heads, mangers, CPAs, and anybody else you find has not done what they have been hired to do, a damm good job. Like that old saying which applies to any business in this country, if you can't do the work, get out of the kitchen.

Yes, my view point is biased. My son, who fought for four years to dedicate his life to helping and protecting others who don't know him or really give a hoot about him, is going to be layed off and I don't like it. This pisses me off royally. But, it just my point of view and you can take it like you want, then ask me if I care.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Terroirist, Hear Me Roar

I am an American. Yesterday I awoke to the story that my mother country, England, once again suffered an atrocity. Not one, not two, not three but, six bombs near simultaneously exploding. Then I said Dam! When will it stop?

Now it may seem strange to you that I am upset, then maybe not. It hits me right at home because I remember 9/11. How could I not? To wake to a normal day, go to work, and suddenly TV screens coming on everywhere to let you know that someone or something has stuck again. That once more, people have most likely been killed in the name of . . . who knows. Call it a religious group, call it a supporter of such, call it extremists, it doesn’t matter, people have died. Died for that which they don’t understand nor can comprehend. It’s not fair, but life never has been.

For half a century I have lived. During that time I have seen beatings, lynchings, murders, and bombings. For half a century I have watch more than one, young and old, suffer at the hands of those who are determined to win you over or destroy you. The faces may have changed but, the ideology has not. What is the orientation that the malevolent of the world today wish for? For us to bow down, to give into the baneful dictates they spew.

To all those who fit this profile dam you, dam you to hell! Know that I nor any of my brothers and sisters across the world will ever give in to you. If we must, we willing shed our blood to keep you from ever accomplishing your goals. Your goals are the goals of Satan. Satan will not prevail as long as we of the civilized world continue to stand firm, and know that we will.

Plan your bombings, your highjackings, your poisonings, and whatever else you think will bring us down. But make sure you understand this. We will not give up, we will not give in, and we will survive. We have to, we want to, and we will. It is our desire to make this world a diverse place of peace and harmony wrapped in loving arms. You either join us or be dammed, dammed to hell that is. From my mouth to your ears,


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Heavenly Song Birds

A while ago, death stop being a sad occasion for me. Contribute it to my spiritual enlightenment. Once I delved into understanding the connection between death and the higher power, I stop crying tears of sorrow. It’s not that I won’t miss someone who has passed on, but it’s more an acceptance of the final phase of destiny.

A long time ago when I faced death head on, I had mixed emotions. The usual why me, what did I do wrong type of questions created havoc in my life. I had to die to learn to live. After doing so, I discovered ways to enjoy my life more here on earth. Because of that I say Bon Voyage to Luther Vandross and Obie Benson, of the original Four Tops, with sincerity.

You see the two men of old school music, the music that always caused you to conjure up dreams of love, joy, peace, good will, and so many feelings of completeness, have now reached their destinies. They now will no longer have to dream of being whole, but will be one, one with God up high.

Yes, we will miss them. We baby boomers. We grew up listening to the smooth melodies of one and the contribution to four part harmonies of the other. Many of us took their songs and turned them into atheneums and signature sounds of weddings and anniversaries. They made us feel good, good about life and all its wonders. Although we will no longer hear the voices live again, we will always hear the voices in our memories. The memories will stay with us until it is our turn. Then, alas, we will all be together. Until then I’ll just keep on dancing, laughing out loud, to the tunes, remembering when and waiting. All I need to say to the rest of you, good music never dies. To Luther and Obie, until we meet again.