Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

The event is now reaching every major city in the US. And now is the time for Congress to take it seriously. Enough is enough is what the people are saying. It’s time to fix things and put people back to work so something can be bought and restore the economy.

Now here is my opinion stop buying the goods these corporations have made overseas. Remember L.L. Bean? They are based in Freeport, Maine. They still make some goods here in the US. The famous Bean Boots, Main Hunting Shoe, dog bedliners and canvas boat and tote bags. Yet, due to the lack of facilities that could accommodate the production they had to go overseas too.

If the corporations made no money on their goods made overseas, they would then realize they must come home. Sure I know they made deals with companies over there but, how much did they get out of it to pass on to their customers? Looks to me like not a dime. Just enough to put into their own pockets. Come on corporations bring the jobs home will you! Did you not know that if you brought the jobs home, more people would actually buy what is made here and the economy would actually do a real turn around.

Lastly, I live in the city of Detroit and Detroit has taken part also in this revolt. But, here is why I bring it up. We here in Detroit have not had one arrest, not one fight and why? This city was one of those who became famous for one of the 1967 riots. So, we know how to demonstrate without causing controversy, how do we know; we have had experience since the marching during the Martin Luther King Days, when he once marched here with us. We know that we must be civil to be understood and heard.

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