Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creating Jobs in America

Here is what I think is the way to create jobs in America. First, everything you buy, look on the back of the product or it’s label and see where it has been made. If it doesn’t say made in the USA or some city and state in the USA, then don’t buy it. You see, it is up to the Americans themselves to create the jobs here. If companies lost money on their products that are not selling, then they would bring the factories back here to the United States.

Second, if they found they had to do that then that would become the source of a flux of job creations. Without any profit, due to no sells from foreign products, the companies would have to return to the US to be able to make and sell their products. Lastly, here me loud and clear, stop buying products made outside of America.

Another thing we can do here in America is insist that the country uses the natural gas that we have plenty of below us. Talk to the Congressmen and Senators and tell them drilling for natural gas would also create millions of jobs.

Now where does all this leads? To more consumer spending and more profits for us all, more houses bought and more construction jobs.

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