Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here is Something Everyone Should Know About CVS Pharmacies Here in the Detroit Metro Area

While I lived in Westland, Michigan, I had medicine I had to take that cost me only $20.01. Why? It was a generic. When I moved to Detroit, Michigan and transferred my medications to a CVS Pharmacy. Only one stayed at the $4.00 cost. It was for my high blood pressure. But my medicine for my intermit seizures was $180, simply because I had no insurance. I was told if I buy a discount card from CVS that it would be only $153.00.

Here is my question, are you kidding me? Weren’t generics invented to assist those who have no insurance? What is CVS using that would cause the cost of the exact same drug to be $159.99 more than what Target charges at $20.01. That is 13% higher. As far as I know all drugs are the same. They are put together the same to provide the assistance your body needs to recover from whatever disability you have.

My suggestion do not use CVS Pharmacies in the future, they are ripping the uninsured off. And that commercial on TV about how caring they are is a lie, not one individual at the pharmacy I went to gave a dam about the situation I was in. So I had them return the prescription back to Target and will continue to use Target to fill my prescription for my anti-seizure medicine. Oh by the way, JD Powers has award Target for the last 4 years the award for providing great service as mass merchandisers of medications

Comments are welcomed. I would like to hear from anyone else who has had problems with CVS pharmacies.

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