Saturday, January 29, 2011

Learn To Use The Connections That Are Online Correctly, Please!

Here is my beef. Yes, I want to connect with more on LinkedIn and Twitter, but the problem is I don’t know you and using just the friend connection click is not enough. When I find someone I want to connect with on LinkedIn or Twitter, I first go out and look at their profile and find a commonality between us. Then I go to their web site and check out what that person does and what we have in common.

From that simple research, when I click us to be friends, I can now add why we should be and what we have in common. People, it is just that simple. Not a lot of work. And by the way, if you want me to connect with you, I need to know that you do research. Connecting just to add up and compete with others and their numbers is not my style. I don’t want 500+ friends; I want only those who I can do business with. Remember, it is a business connection, not a party.

So I am warning you right now, if you send me an invite to join you on LinkedIn or Twitter and you don’t tell me why we should be friends with a little more detail showing me you did some research, I will simply click the ignore button. Sorry to say, that is how I feel about it. This is post number two on this network/connection thing. Is anybody out there listening?

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