Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gainful Knowledge Unexpected

Hey friends out there. I went to a seminar today to learn more about retirement strategies. As I spoke with the gentleman sitting next to me, I learned that the Ford Focus is built in Mexico. How many of you out there own a Ford Focus. Do you realize that many people here in the US are not employed because of that?

How dare the Ford Empire based in the city of Detroit/Dearborn build their taunted Ford Focus as the car of the future? When right before them are tons of unemployed people needing jobs where they are based. Now I’m just saying this because the Detroit Metro Area has the highest number of unemployed people in the country. I think residents here should not buy the Ford Focus until they bring it back to being built in America. You stopped buying the Toyota until they stated building them here. You stopped buying many other cares until they started building them here.

Now I am beginning to wonder how many more cars is the Ford Empire are built elsewhere. Is the Escape built in another country? How about the Edge? Where is the Expedition or maybe the Flex built? I don’t have anything against Ford itself, I just don’t like the idea of them selling cars here that are built elsewhere when resident of the Detroit Metro Area - where they are based - are in need of jobs. Before you buy a Ford, find out where it is built first.



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