Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Tribute to the Jackson Family

They lost a loved one. Yet, they stood strong and together. They wanted to honor him and did it respectfully, grounded and with faith. The memorial to Michael Jackson was one done with reverence and compassion. The Jackson family drew upon their beliefs to show the world the real Michael Jackson. The best part of the memorial is it was done unrehearsed. No plan and no predetermined design of performances by contributors.

As I sat home watching the memorial on television, so many things flowed through my mind. Thinking, as Michael sits up in heaven was he pleased with what he saw? Did he realize just how much he was loved? Could he even comprehend the affect he had had on the world? So I began talking to Michael. I said, “Michael look, take a real long look. You hid from the world but it didn’t matter. It didn’t stop people from around the world from admiring you, simply because they loved you. So what if you were a bit eccentric. So what if you were shy. So what if no one really knew you. You were and always will be loved.”

As I continued watching the memorial, I could not stop admiring the Jackson family. Each speaker was hugged by Michael’s brothers and sisters when they finish putting their heart into words. They did it all to say I heard you loud and clear and thank you so much. Each song chosen to sing was the right song, for the right reason, at the right time. Michael’s memorial should be looked upon as an example of how memorials should be done. No blueprint, no outline, no script, only heart felt emotions, period. Therefore, I know he will Rest in Peace.

Yesterday I paid my respects to Michael Jackson. Today I want to tell the Jackson family, thank you for a job well done!

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