Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sylvia's Musings

I know I have been gone for a while. Just let me say it was due to things out of my control. So let’s just move on. I would like to share my musings on a few things going on right now.

The Financial Market
With the Dow Jones taking a plunge like it has been doing for the last month, the first thing that comes to my mind is depression. The housing market has hit rock bottom, food prices are at an all time high, gasoline prices are rising faster than you can blink your eyes, weather across the country reminds me of the book of Revelation in the Bible, job markets are tanking out in every sector except engineering and medicine, the cost to attend institutions of higher learning has locked out the average citizen, unknown diseases are appearing out of nowhere, the fires in California are burning like the place we call he**, so called friends of the presidential candidates are showing their true colors, airlines are going out of business and the city of Detroit is riddle with scandal. Now you tell me, doesn’t this sound like the decade of the 1930’s.

Presidential Race
Now that the race is down to two candidates, everyone is either on one side or the other of the swinging pendulum. And if that isn’t enough, everybody is also voicing their opinion on any and every subject that they feel is important. Whether it is about health care, the war in Iraq, housing, jobs, four-day workweeks, and children or the next adult generation; with no immediate solutions, nobody is happy and all feel like they don’t have a choice in anything anymore. What can the next president do? Your guess is as good as mine.

It doesn’t matter if it is Iraq or Afghanistan; it looks as if we are destined to be in a war someplace. Pull the troops out of one country and send them to another is the mood today but, why can’t we just pull them out of them both? War is ugly no matter how you look at it. Lives are lost for reasons that we as normal citizens have no say so in at all. Yes, they tell you it’s for the good of the world but how do they know if that is true or not. Think about it, who has anything to gain from these wars besides the ones with money tied up in them. It sure isn’t me. Do you?

Well that is some of the musings going around in my head lately. My opinion may or may not matter to anybody else. But those are my view points at this time on this day. See you next week.

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