Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama, Wright or Whomever

As a Black independent voter in America, I listen to righteous debates, I tune out mudslinging. When it comes to electing the head of the household of the USA, I have no interest in personal innuendoes or anything similar to one.

Lately, I have noticed that no one, and I mean no one, seem to remember the reasons behind an election coming up to select an individual to run a country in the best interest of billions of people. This upsets me greatly. I have no desire to hear about what is on a candidate’s personal slate. My mind is set on how the company will be ran. Yes, I said company. The USA is a big corporation and the CEO is the one in charge. If the CEO is not up to par, then the company will go bust.

Look at the shape the company is in now. It is going broke. Its employees no longer can do their jobs and headquarters needs a shake out. What does this have to do with Obama and Wright? Everything. Obama and Clinton are climbing the corporate ladder to become the next CEO of the USA. If Wright can attempt to derail Obama, as well as, Clinton and Obama try to derail each other, then independent voters like me, have to seriously consider who should be elected and who should not.

People wake up and smell the coffee. As you look to make a decision on who should become the next CEO of this country, do not buy into the mudslinging, no matter which direction it comes from. Stick to the details of running this country. Listen for the details and not the bull crap under cover as genuine customer (you) concerns.

Clinton was yesterday’s distraction and Wright is today’s. Tomorrow you can bet there will be another distraction to keep you unbalanced when it comes to deciding who is best at running the company of the USA. Stay focused on what is being offered to you the customer. You do it when you go shopping and that is what you are actually doing now to select the next president of the USA. Let not the dissenters or acerbic customers keep you from making a choice of your choosing instead of theirs. That's what the right to vote means. That is why it is of the utmost importance. Don’t waste your time on those who don’t understand you and your wants, whether it is Wright, Clinton, McCain, or Obama.

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