Friday, February 08, 2008

Give me a Break

Okay, the sh*** has hit the fan and Mayor Kilpatrick needs to let it go. Let go of what you ask? Let go of the bull he is trying to mislead the public with. No, the news media did not gather their information illegally. If they had, they would have been no different from the news media of yore. Remember back in the day we - the Black Americans - would say the news media never let us have a voice. Now that we are the voice of the people, the mayor wants us to believe we don’t know how to tell the truth.

As a former newspaper columnist, I know for a fact that I, nor any other news reporters could possibly write untruths and not get caught. I know that we would do prison time if we did. Let us not forget the Black women - whom I will not name here - in Washington that told the lies about the kid in the ghetto. She wrote a week long expose on the child, won awards and then was discovered to be lying about the whole thing. Believe me when I tell you; a good journalist is not stupid enough to do a repeat job, especially, when it comes to government leadership and tax dollars.

Here is what I believe is Mayor Kilpatrick’s problem. It’s called an ego. Although his has been bruised somewhat, he still has an obsessive preoccupation with himself in the sense of “I made an egregious error but so what,” I am still the best thing running Detroit. I really don’t think he realizes just how much damage he has done or how to deal with it. His ego won’t let him face the music with grace. Instead, he’d rather face it with the “in your face” attitude of the streets.

It is so amazing to me that the Detroit mayor has no clue as to how much harm he has committed or the price he will have to pay for it. If I remember it correctly, it goes, “too much, too little, too late” having been exposed to continue hiding what one has done. Whatever went on between the mayor and the fired police officers have to be reckoned with and continuing to pretend it won’t, is just plain stupid. Mind you, I have never thought of Mayor Kilpatrick as stupid but, the way he is dealing with all this is showing me he has bad days just like the rest of us. In other words - like us - sometimes we don’t think before we speak or act then get upset when we get caught.

My suggestion to the mayor, stop, take a deep breath, think on it, look in the mirror, then ask yourself, how would I feel if the shoe was on the other foot and I was the one who had been duped? Then he should think that old refrain, I will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Amen.

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