Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Networking is a Two Way Street

Note: Yes, I am two weeks and two days behind because I have been busy working. How about you?

In a discussion at one of our book signings for Eyes On Fire: Witnesses to the Detroit Riot of 1967, me and my writing partners were talking about reciprocating between writers. What we realized is that most new writers have no understanding of networking being a two way street. New writers attend the workshops and conferences, then write their book and want each and everyone they know to come to their book signings and buy the book. What they don’t understand is, they too much go to book signings and buy books.

Too many times I have done workshops, vendor events, and conferences yet, I hardly ever see the people I connected with at these writer affairs at any of my affairs. What’s up with that? One or two may show but where are the rest? And repeatedly these same people e-mail and call me to give them insights on how to promote, pitch, and get in with the right people when their book is in print. Give me a break!

To all the writers out there remember that, success comes from staying connected all the time with other writers. You have to do as I try to do as much as possible, travel a two way street. When I come to you, you should plan to come to me. No it is not being selfish, it is being smart. One hand washes another. If I know your work and can depend on you at all times, when I run across an opportunity that I can’t fill, it just could be you I recommend. Yet I can’t do that if I never see you until you want something from me. Writing partners, it is up to you to sell yourself and you can’t do it if no one ever sees you. I am not bashing, just passing on a little advice.



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