Sunday, July 01, 2007

I’m Back Again

Yes you haven’t seen me for quite some time now. To make a long story short, I had more problems then there is room to talk about here. It involved my car’s engine blowing out, trying to find a cheap replacement since I didn’t plan on buying a new car. Then there was getting my house ready for sale. While at the same time my desktop computer cease to function on the Internet. Sure it was old but I am the “starving artist” remember. I don’t make a ton of money to cover unexpected large expenses. Afterwards my desk top would no longer work and I switched everything to my laptop. Well, within about two-three weeks, it too went out. So there I was with no computer(s) and no car.

I still had to function as if my life was running smoothly. So I borrowed cars from family when I had to work. I went to libraries, friends, and family to use computers when I could. All to keep some kind of sanity. Anyway, it is all over now. I found a cheap replacement vehicle and my son bought me a new computer for my birthday. But again problems came with the computer came and the new Windows program Vista. I am still working out the bugs on that. For example, I called Dell (the manufactures) and spent two hours and forty-five minutes on the phone with technical support because again, I could not get on the Internet. After going through one process after another, my computer had to be restored to its original build and we had to start from scratch installing my ISP, printer, other software programs. I still have to go to the web and find drivers to make hardware and software compatible with Vista. This means I still will be a while before I am running again at top speed. Many downloads to do.

Anyway, I hope to be able to speak with you weekly again and give my opinions on subjects that come up.

Now I can let the world know about three anthologies that I have been a contributing writer to. They are Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause, Gumbo for the Soul: The Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community, and Eyes on the Fire: Witnesses to the Detroit Riot of 1967. For more information on ordering one or more of the books go to

One more thing. I am being spotlighted in the Detroit Free Press July 15th issue. It will be in the Detroit section of the newspaper. Those who live in Detroit I hope you will show your support and let me know what you think. Those outside of Detroit, you too can read the writeup on the Internet.

That's it for now. Got a lot of catching up to do.


Blogger Mikey said...

Windows Vista requires a lot of horsepower to run and in my experience, Dell sells many computers that are ill equipped to actually run it. I bought a laptop for my wife, a few months ago, which had Vista installed. It took several minutes in start up and ran lethargically after it did start running. I eventually gave up and installed an old version of Windows XP on the laptop and now it runs very well.

I hope things work out better for you in the future.


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