Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Summer School in The Winter

It is time to bring you up to date on what I have been doing since you last heard from me. I have been busy updating things like, my resumes, (Yes, I have more than one, don’t you?), media/bio kit, and anything else I feel may give me an edge in the working world.

Many forget that with each year that goes by, nothing stays the same. Technology today makes it impossible to stay in the same spot you were in the year before. Now I know that can sound scary but, if you don’t keep up with upgrades you will find yourself left off the plane flying and heading high.

The way to keep up is to read, watch, and listen to anything and everything you hear and see on upcoming changes. If it will make you feel better, I don’t like trying to keep up with all the advancements either. Yet, I find if I don’t, I get left behind on computer equipment, Internet advancements, what’s in and what’s out. Whew! Sometimes it is more than my brain can save at one time. Yet, I do try hard to retain as much as possible.

How do I do it? I save and print new information out. I really don’t have time to stay abreast all at once. So as I get new information I save it in a special file on my computer or if the information is short, I print it out and collect for the day what I will read that evening. This way if it pertains to my field of interest, I have what I need and can plan on incorporating it into my work.

One thing is for sure, like it or not, the world doesn’t stop for us to jump on board. We have to do that ourselves. Because if we don’t, our chances for being successful at what we do will disappear. So, when you don’t see me blogging like I used to for the next few weeks, it is because I am running to catch up. Like many others, I was not retaining enough of the new information out in the world and now I have to go to summer school in the winter.

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