Saturday, December 30, 2006

One Deadly Week

I have lived on this earth for 53 years. Never once in that time can I remember five days holding so much history to be written. This last week of the year 2006 will definitely be one that is remembered by young and old for different reasons. Sadly, one thing that comes to my mind is an old saying, three strike, you’re out.

I ask you, are these three deaths something to be weary of? Two were looked upon as sad and one as joyful. Did it all happen in one week as a sign of something still yet to come? What does it say about the closing of the door to the year 2006 and the door to be open for 2007?

Forgive me if what I write here doesn’t seem to have any connections but, at times what happens in this lifetime makes me think and wonder about what is to be learned. Anyway, following is how I feel about each death we have witnessed.

James Brown may not have had a chance to get a college degree but he used what he had to spread much love and joy around the world. No longer will we hear songs like, Payback or Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud. We won’t see a man with enough energy to dance and slide across a stage giving a real live show. James Brown with only an eight-grade education took what he did know and rose to the top singing and dancing for everyone. Many artists used what he shared to learn how to give their all to a crowd of millions. Yes, he had his ups and downs but he came back with a vengeance and still gave people what they wanted, the only “mean machine.” James Brown was one of a kind and always will be, a soul man.

Now President Gerald Ford took on a task that no other had ever had to do. But he did it with love and forgiveness. He was a man with Christian values and a heart of gold. So what if he had to bring a country together. So what if he was my opposite politically. He still knew right from wrong and chose to follow what he knew was the only right thing to do, he forgave. Not many realize that President Ford was a humble man. He never wanted to be on center stage yet was forced to take it. So like any other person on this earth, he performed. He did his best because he knew what we sometimes forget, let God be the decider. So I say let us pay tribute to the one man who understood he was just a president and not the higher being. God bless you former President Gerald Ford.

Saddam Hussein was what we all understand to be atrocious. He was a dictator, killer and a man with no soul. For if he had not been this type, he would not have committed the heinous crimes against mankind. Do I think it was fair to execute him? It is not my place to say. As a practicing Christian, I cannot play God and say who stays and who goes. My personal preference is to let all those who commit crimes that are unconscionable should live long and suffer the results of their crimes. If that means no more freedom, no more choice, and no more options, then so be it. I feel that now that Saddam is dead, he no longer has to watch and live with what he has done. Is he in Hell? I don’t know. Yet, no matter where he resides now, God will see to it that he repents for his sins. This I am sure of.


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