Monday, August 21, 2006

The Blog

The blog has become an oasis for novelists, journalists, publishers, TV personalities, radio mavens, and just about anybody who has an opinion or information they feel a need to share.

It is obvious that I am one of the aforementioned, maybe even two or three. Why do I have a blog? First, practice. My blog allows me to keep my writing skill in check. Second, I’m opinionated. My blog gives me plenty of latitude to state what I think, while practicing how to disseminate the information to others with a slant/style of mine own. It’s that simple.

Why do others keep a blog? There are any number of reasons. Novelists keep them to give the public a peek at their novels still under construction. Journalists provide blogs to report what newspapers don’t always print. Publishers feel a blog is a free advertisement. TV personalities have to deal with a flood of established stars, stars on the rise, and wannabees. Like writers, they feel they have to have a brand of their own. Lastly, the radio mavens are heard and not seen. Why not mix a picture with the voice and text. The public is known to forget easily what they hear, but not what they see.

No matter the reasons, people and businesses have created blogs. Blogs I can tell are here to stay, like it or not. I say this because now even blogs are becoming specialized. I have seen or heard of blogs that started out for kids (myspace) and writers (blogging is just to name a couple.

Like in the beginning with e-mail, when many said, “No way,” try finding an individual, young or older, who doesn’t have an e-mail address,let alone a blog. Instead of asking someone for their phone number, you now say, “e-mail me,” then proceed to spell out the address like a phone number. I didn’t believe e-mailing, when it first started, would proliferate to the extent it has. Yet, now I’m starting to feel like I need more than one e-mail address, like the four separate phone lines I have. Yea, you heard right. Four. My house line, my fax/computer line, my cell line, and my business line.

So I ask you, do I need another blog when so far this one serves my purpose? In my blog, I state my thoughts, fill you in with personal promotions and do it once a week. I’m starting to wonder. The blog was my own way of syndicating my column. The column with no pompous or pretentious writing, just my “view points” on whatever crosses my mind.

As I said earlier, blogs are here to stay. So whether you take part or not, you will one day, jump on board. Why? If you think about it, all the definitions’ people have given for the word blog, the best one to me is an “electronic diary.” We love to keep diaries. Me, I call it my syndicated column.

You can call yours what you want. You will get no argument from me.


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