Monday, August 07, 2006

This Week’s Rants

Mel Gibson

The man put his foot in his mouth and got caught. Now everybody acts like he just did something no one has ever done before. Give me a break. Gibson is not the first nor will he be the last to as my mother would say, “make an ass of himself.” The problem Gibson had been not checking everybody’s ID card to make sure he knew what group he was with before he opened his mouth. Have you ever known a drunk that did? Me neither. To keep Gibson from working is not worth it. First of all, he can well afford to make his own movies. Remember, The Passion of the Christ? Let’s not forget Michael Moore and Bowling for Columbine. Even if you don’t like them, nor agree with their politics, somebody does and they are just not talking about it out loud. Gibson has done enough damage without our help. Let it go.


I read yesterday a letter to Detroit’s Sunday newspaper from a teenager. He expressed concern for politicians playing the blame game. He had no interest whatsoever in who thought who was responsible for the state of Michigan. The young adult gave me the impression he wants to vote when he turns eighteen but, not sure if he’ll have someone to vote for. Can you imagine if he is worried at this stage of his life, in another two years, will he even care at all?


This past weekend my writing partner and I spent ten hours sitting, sitting and waiting for a cruiser to cruise on by our table and check out our books. We sat for two days trying to figure out why people will stop at a space displaying art, jewelry, clothing, incense, and the music station but, glide on by the books table. I know they go to fairs to see the unusual, unique, and updated. I could have sworn books, especially new ones, fit in all three categories. I heard the how to books, which mine is one of, are the biggest sellers now. So what’s up with no takers? Maybe selling four books in ten hours is all right with you but, it was a waste of my time. In two days, a grand total of possibly five people showed enough interest to now slide on past without even a glance at our books table. So many times I wonder why we in the metro Detroit area will not support authors like we should. Just because it’s not a favorite past time of one individual, doesn’t mean a friend or relative wouldn’t enjoy a certain book. With the first day of school, Sweetest Day, birthdays, and Xmas coming soon, why not buy it for them. In doing so, you show support for local authors and possibly stir the fire in the belly of an upcoming one.

These are just some of my passing thoughts this week.


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