Monday, June 05, 2006

Another Peek Inside the Book

It is another peek inside the book, The Write Life. Many e-mailed and called me to say they like what they read last week. So, here’s another page to share with you.

You Are Your Own Sales Department

Yes, I hate it too. But, if you and I don’t push it, it won’t sell. We have to do more than just put the words on paper, we have to peddle the words too. How else will anyone know what you know and what you can create if you don’t start shopping it around?

Too often writers of every genre assume their job is done when the work is at the printer. Well, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, your job has just begun. While your master piece is being bound, soon to be carried in someone else’s hand, you need to get your shoes ready to do as we have all heard before, pound the pavement. I don’t mean it literally, although to do so couldn’t hurt. What I do mean is to start thinking like a traveling salesman.

Back in the forgone days, those who walked door-to-door to push their wares, didn’t make a dime to pay their bills without a sale. And that’s how you have to think about your creative work. If you don’t or can’t sell it, you make nothing from it. It would suddenly become a hobby you developed to pass the time and not a life long passion. If you really are serious about spreading your word, you are going to do most of the leg work. Sure, an agent can get you started but, the balance of the grunt work will be done by you. The work is called marketing, promoting, advertising, selling, and a host of other labels. No matter how it is expressed, you have to keep it going.

The key to keeping your sanity while you promote your work is to find ways to do it cheaply. Believe it or not, there are ways. The following pages will assist you in discovering how much you can accomplish without selling your home or your soul. It will not cover it all. I know this because with each passing day, many more opportunities are brought to light on succeeding in an ever-changing society. Each day there are new inventions and new ideas. Who knows, my input made just get you rolling on fresh ideas of your own. So, before it gets dark outside, turn the page and get ready to start walking.

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