Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It happens to most of us which I am sure. Those times when you can’t seem to get going. No inspiration or brain storms rolling in your head. Well, I am in that place where no matter what I try to think of, my brain isn’t working.

Why does this bother me right now? Well, as you found out last week, I just finish putting together another book and it is time to sell it, sell it, sell it. Which, by the way is a section in the book. As it sits with my two editors, I am to go to the next stage. Why am I having a promotion problem? Most likely because no matter what I do as I follow my own advice, I just don’t feel like things are moving at the pace they should.

Sure I have done the e-blast/internet thing, the flyer thing, and the media thing, Yet, I feel more passing waves from the public, instead of a hardy, “You go girl.” So I am now questioning myself, which always leads to the question of, “Am I leaving anything out?” In other words, have I forgot something. Heck, I am setting up book signings as I write. Those are the easy things to do. They are plans for the future. When the book is off to the printer, I will know the exact day the release party will be. In the mean time, what can I do now? That is where I am stuck.

So fellow writers, tell me what I can still do now while I wait for the finishing touches to be applied to the book. My past experience taught me that with every minute something can be accomplished. Remind me what I am missing out on. For some reason I seem to be drawing blanks in my head right now. Could it be, without the book in my hand just yet, there is only so much I can do? I don’t know. You tell me.

I keep feeling like something is missing, that things are not quite done, just yet. As a self publisher, I know I have to be my own sales department. By the way, that is another section in the book. Anyway, promoting the book is all on me and I want to do just that. But, somehow, someway, I think I might have forgotten what the next step to take is. Have I become like medical doctors? Those that tell you how to take care of yourself and then don’t follow their own advice.

Well, my door is open and you are now invited and more than welcomed to fill in my blanks. Feel free to, drop me a line, or two.


Blogger Sylvia Hubbard said...

join writing groups and see if you can find these websites that do online classes to promote the book. some even pay.

since the book is mostly going to be ebook'd, you want to put it in a ebook bookstore especially a writers site store.

have them do features on you and the book, or take out the little ten and five dollar advertisement they offer to help promote the book.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Sylvia Hubbard said...

also start prompting discussion about marketing in these writing groups so get a chance to mention your book and what's in it.

find marketing and promoting sites that you can put your book on spotlight and then contact the moderator of the group and see if they can also mention the book.

good luck gurl.

the internet marketing guru whose got your back all the way.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sylvia, let me first say that your site was created with quality, taste and style. I do admire those who are technologically driven, such as yourself.

As I read through the piece you've written on "Writing Time" and come upon the last statement in your first paragraph, "The reason being, I'm only human" -I ask the question, are you? Only human, that is? No doubt Sylvia, you are soooo... much more! Power in words.

6:51 AM  

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