Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blog Update

Want to know where I was this week? I was taking care of business. I have a new book coming out and working with the editors, and my plate has been full. What is my new book about? I am so glad you asked. Just read on fellow bloggers.

You have been waiting and
now you can have it in your hands.
What am I talking about?

The Write Life
Available June 2006

It’s coming-all the answers in one place. Want to get rid of that nine-to-five career and write for life? Want to maximize your writing talents, thinking about publishing your own book? The Write Life is the book for you. No more wondering how to get started, no more stalling getting those queries out. Become a publisher. The Write Life has the answers to your questions.

With budget guidelines to help you transition from your current career, you will be able to start slow and grow. No longer will you have to guess at what works and what doesn’t. The Write Life will walk you step by step to success. It isn’t about what you do. It is how you do it. Change your life. Live your dream and look for your name in print.

A published article or two doesn’t pay enough to live on. The Write Life helps you understand how to get your name in print over and over again. The Write Life shows you how to extend your writing career to workshops, conferences, seminars, speaking engagements, and syndication. You can take your writing career to the top.

You love to write. You have articles everywhere. Now you want to put your ideas all together in one book. The Write Life shows you what to do. Learn what other publishers already know about how to print and sell your work. Get the insights to designing book covers, registering your book for distribution, choosing printers, promotion and marketing, advertising and much more. Whatever you don’t know, The Write Life has the answer.

The Write Life will surely be a sell out. Order your copy now. Advance orders are available as a soft cover or e-book for only $10. Save over 20% by buying now! It will be $12.95 after June 1, 2006. Place your advance order at


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