Monday, March 27, 2006

Here We Go Again, Politics

First, there are the voting rights of the Katrina Hurricane victims. Now there is the immigration situation. I seem to remember the citizens of Iraq having satellite voting. What, we can’t do the same for the Katrina victims? I could have sworn we already have laws to deal with illegal residents. We can’t enforce them anymore?

Let’s start with the voting issue. Why would our government officials from the states involve in Katrina, not want each and every victim to be able to vote? Did it ever occur to them that the victims voted them in office? I say to them, keep in mind, the same way you got in, is the same way you can be forced out. If I were you, I would make it my business to see that all of my constituents, wherever they are, had access to vote. If I am going to represent them in congress and wish to stay as long as possible, I would know for sure that their vote was counted.

This should not be an issue of allowing them to vote, they already have that right. The problem seems to be the government officials not finding a way to allow the votes to be taken. If you can make sure those in Iraq get their turn at casting a ballot, why can’t you do the same for U.S. citizens. What, voices here are not as important as those in Iraq? Give me a break. Too many times you want citizens here to agree with what you say, put into action, and make law but when it is your turn to do the same for them, you become brain dead. My suggestion, do what you are being paid to do. Get the ballots to those who need to cast a vote, by hook or crook, since you are familiar with that anyway.

Now on to the immigration problem. There is one thing I know for sure. If you can wage a war in a foreign country, you can wage one against illegal entry into this country. It’s called Homeland Security. Terrorists don’t care where they gain entry, just that they do. What makes you think they haven’t given some thought to pretending to be Hispanic or Latino to come to America? We must enforce the laws across all our borders. Those who work as border patrol should have all the power they need to ensure our safety from those who are willing to sacrifice their lives to make a point. The point being, war against America.

I know the country is fighting terrorists from all four sides. What makes it so hard for us to judge illegal entry by any one person, coming for work or to wreck havoc? Illegal is illegal in any form or color. It couldn’t possibly be hard to realize that protecting our borders include anyone and everyone coming across all of them. So Homeland Security is looking for what looks like a terrorist. Does that mean they stop looking for illegal immigrants? Isn’t one as bad as the other? Each could cause our country to be put into a whirlwind of trouble. Either we end up dead or we end up starving half the country. Neither sound good to me.

What we need more than anything else right now is for those we have elected to office to get with the program and see the big picture. The decisions you make today will bring results tomorrow. Make the wrong one and there will be a heavy price to pay later.


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