Monday, February 20, 2006

Let it go!

For one week the media got on my last nerve. Cheney was involved in an accident. He mistakenly shot a good friend while on a hunting trip. Without saying a word for a few days, Cheney said a whole lot in my book. For what was three to four days, Cheney simply said, media I have priorities and you ain’t one of them.

I wholeheartedly agreed with the way things went. And I will tell you why. If I had gone on a hunting trip with a dear friend and somehow - God forbid - I shot my friend, I too would most likely be lying in a hospital bed. It would not be from a gunshot. It would be from a psychological breakdown. Did anyone out there in media land think once about Cheney’s mental state after he pulled the trigger? Obviously not. One thing I know for sure; rich and famous, a politician or just an everyday person, if you accidently shoot someone you call a friend, the last thing that would be on your mind is calling the press.

Any human being with an ounce of consciousness would be fit to be tied. That persons’ first and last concern would be the health and well being of the friend. You would fly to the hospital, you would pace the floor, you would be trying to keep from going crazy as you pray like you have never prayed before. The media? Well, you know where I would tell them to go.

Now, how can I say such things? Easy. I say it from my soul not from my pocket. I don’t give a dam what image it may give someone else. I owe no explanation for doing as the famous Spike Lee called it, the “right thing.” Has this country and all it constituents gone to hell in a hand basket? Have we all forgotten what being human entails? From the way the media acted for a week, I would say yes.

Get off your high horses and remember what your parents taught you a long time ago. Subjects called Ten commandments and Seven Deadly sins. If I have to break out the parts that apply here, you are not going to hell in a hand basket, you’re already there. I’ll pray for you.

On Another Note

I know that God, by any name we call him, would not condone the riotous acts being carried on around the world. I will not go into details on why but, I will say this. Atrocious behavior begets nothing more than condemnation from Allah, as he is known to Muslims. Yes, the cartoons were wrong. There will never be any justification for them. But tow wrongs cannot make a right. Therefore, even Mohammed, the leader that is said to be chosen by Allah, would to be enraged by what is going on.

I say to all, stop! Stop the madness! If not because it is the right thing to do, do it because Allah would want you to. Then get down on your knees and pray. Pray that peace and understanding will be forthcoming, not in the long term but, the short term. And I’ll pray with you.


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