Sunday, January 22, 2006

Big Brother

Saturday, January 21, 2006 I called it a night at 7:30 P.M. to prepare to sit down and watch the old Will Smith movie Enemy of the State. As I watched the usual Hollywood drama, something suddenly slapped me in the face. It wasn’t fiction anymore. This movie showing all the ways that “big brother” could monitor someone was no longer make-believe.

Then it hit me. I’m scared. I’m scared to death. Eight years ago, when this movie was completed with all its fabrication of high-level technology being possible, the question is, what can be done in real life now?

Not long ago the public was advised of the president’s arbitrary decision validating certain government officials use of devices that literally intrude into the life of anyone, anywhere, at anytime for any reasons they deem are justified. My personal concern is, how far will they and can they go now? If the president says the government agency does not need permission to invade someone’s privacy, when will that which is considered private by us all, become public to everyone?

After watching the movie, I wanted to walk around my house and check my house and cell phones, my smoke alarms, my shoes, ink pens, watches, and yes, my clothes. I don’t feel like a threat to national security but, how would I know what the government thinks I am? My God, I was once a Black Panther, I protested the war in Vietnam, and I marched with the NAACP. I once help form a union in a security company. I have always fought for what I believe. None of the issues being something, the federal, state, and local governments exactly approved of then. Am I a threat to the U.S.?

I’m sure there are many out there who expressed this kind of concern a while ago. But for some strange reason, it took me watching Enemy of the State again to realize it could happen. It could happen to me. No, I have not gained access to any sensitive information that would put the U.S. in jeopardy. Yet, If you and I are not told the why, what, when, and where; how would we know its not us? For that reason alone - I must say - if “big brother” starts watching me, he’d better be careful because I will be watching him.


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