Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rosa Parks

My life has been in a topsy turvy whirl again these last two weeks. Therefore, I have been out of the loop. I hope I have come to the end and can get back to normal starting now.

Ok. Everyone has done their spill on the loss of Rosa Parks and its affect on the American society. Yes, I, like everyone else, feel as if something has come to an end. It’s that “something” that bothers me the most.

For the last week I’ve asked myself two questions about Rosa Parks. Did we lose a heroine, a martyr? No matter how much Mrs. Parks may fit each category, they just didn’t sound right. Then it hit me. Mrs. Parks’ death was a look into the future. What I mean by that is, if there are no more Mother Teresas, no more Pearl S. Bucks, and no more Indira Gandhis, then Mrs. Parks is the last one. Her passing might be the door closing to equality and humanity. She, like those before her, was possessed of one uncommon characteristic, they all were humanitarians.

Mrs. Parks spent her last 50 years standing firm on her belief that everyone deserves equity. It wasn’t about sitting on the bus. It was about justice. Like Pearl S. Buck’s concern for children worldwide, Mother Teresa’s devotion to benevolence, or Indira Gandhi fight for political independence, Rosa Parks sat down so that we all could enter anyplace, eat anywhere, live any where, ride any mode of transportation, travel anywhere in the country, and yes, sit anywhere we choose.

There are many who did the kind of work the aforementioned women did. But behind the thought of each one is the word “mother.” Mrs. Parks was a mother. She cared not about your gender, race, or, creed, her concern was justice, the justice any mother would feel for her children.

Yet, one door has closed. But let us hope it closes so that we will open a new one. If we want to remember Rosa Parks and all the other liberators, let us not look at her passing as the end, but a new beginning. Let us finish what she and the others started. Equity for all!


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