Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gas? It’s Called, Economics

What is this world coming to? First insurance rates went up, then the cost of a home, new or old. College costs are going through the roof while the job market goes up and down on the whims of corporate America. I won’t even go into what the pay scales are now. Just ask those who were downsized or displaced. What is the world coming to? I’ll tell you. It is going to _____. You fill in the blank.

As a freelance writer I have watched my means to be self reliant dwindle to almost nothing. When I first started in this line of work back in 1997, if you could master a message in scripts which got someone going, you could make a living as a writer. Now if you want to live a decent lifestyle, while making a living in any profession, start praying. The list of things increasing in cost is ever growing. We can now add gas to it.

What most people think of when they think of gas, are their cars. What most people don’t realize is, gas doesn’t only affect your automobile it affects other things in your life. For example, live in a northern state? It will cost more to heat your house. When you grocery shop are your goods packed in plastic? That will cost you more. How about that credit card you swipe? Yep, that’s going to cost you a tad more too. See where I’m going here?

We have got to stop taking things for granted. We must start learning to conserve and accept. We really don’t need to drive everywhere. Have you ever tried turning that thermostat down just a little, maybe even having the windows replaced? You could try walking to the corner store. It wouldn’t hurt if you paid cash for some of what you buy. Little things like this not only will bring some of your cost down but, they are healthy too. The other thought is, if you need less, you buy less, and the law of economics turns around. Instead of demand out weighing supply, supply would out weigh demand. When this happens, prices go down.

Do any of you remember the early eighties? There was an oil crisis then. Citizens said $%#& we won’t pay and they didn’t. The cost of gasoline came down and we went from 90 plus cents per gallon to seventy something cents per gallon. If my memory serves me right, it stayed there until around the mid nineties. The cost of gas is unbelievable right now. At the rate of increase it is going, we all will be paying quadruple that before long. It is already past triple 70 cents if you know your math. I say we can reverse that. But that’s just what I think.


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