Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Here we go again

Ok, I know I said you would only hear from me once a week. What you will learn is I get riled up a lot sometimes and just have to express myself. Today was one of those days.

I spent fifteen years finally making up my mind to go for what I had always wanted, to be a journalist. I paid no mind to the fact that I had waited that long, and time was against me. Many said I would have a hard time getting into the field. Others said it didn't matter about my age, gender, or racial complexion as long as my writing contained substance. And still, many said it would take me twice as long. However it went, I was determined, determined to at least give it a try.

I went back to school, joined just about every organization I felt would help me, and networked all over the place. Did it help? Well, that depends on from what direction you're looking. I have met a lot of people, connected with a lot of publishers, and gotten paid for my hard work. What I did learn is, it had nothing to do with age, gender and racial mix. It really depends on how hard one is willing to work. And I'm not talking about writing either. It's called marketing and promoting. You write the best ever but it isn't worth a dime unless somebody knows you exist. So what does all that have to do with my post today? Everything. After dealing with and having to dispell the negative image many have of journalist, it keeps showing up at the door. Another journalist who can't prove she wrote it, that her sources are real, and the story isn't fiction.

I spent my early education years in many an English class learning three things. Don't ever write fiction and call it fact. Don't ever sign your name to what you didn't write. Always give credit where credit is due. Lastly, check your sources and then check them again. So why is it another Pandora's box has popped up again? They just keep on popping up, over and over. What does it take for journalists to realize whatever is in the dark will come to the light one day? Didn't they learn that at home from Grandma, if not in school? I know I did. Never in my life have I ever thought that I would need to make things up like a child to get my name out there as an established writer. One thing I learned a long time ago was, it ain't worth it. I have no intention of working my behind off just to become a fraud. I spent too long waiting for my chance and worked too hard to make a fool of myself.

Now another writer, after twelve years of writng, has been exposed as undependable. No wonder I spend so much time trying to convince publishers I am legit. That I do my research, that I check my sources and everything I write will hold up in any court. Why? My momma didn't stand for no lies and neither do I. You see, I sleep well at night and like it that way. Trying to do so with one eye open won't work for me. My to do list, is too long for me to worry about getting caught doing something I should not have. So again, another so called journalist has been discovered pretending to be what she isn't, a for real journalist.

So much for me and others busting our buts off to make a mark. To show the world we are with them. That our job is to voice their opinions and keep them informed. Open doors politicians, government officials, and religious extremist try to keep close. Oh and don't let me forget, tell I how I feel and think on the little and the big things in the world. Talk about respect. You have those like myself who earn it and the pretenders, who spend years screwing it up for us all. Hopefully, you the consumer will not apply the term "phony" to the rest of us. We all know there is at least one bad kernal on every ear of corn. That doesn't mean you stop eating it, you just have to inspect it closer. All I can say is, here we go again. That my readers is just my point of view.


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