Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tom Cruise, The Self Appointed Expert

Ok, I thought I had heard just about all there was to hear seeing how I am over the fifty yard line. I have lived a pretty rich life, you know, the been there, seen it, done it thing. So when Tom Cruise spoke on the Today show about what a woman should do to solve any problems she had with post partum depression, menopause, mid life crisis or whatever, I hit the roof. So this is what I have to say to one Tom Cruise.

First Tom, sweetie, you are first, not a woman, second, can't have babies, third, have no medical degree and last, research does not an expert make. Unless, you have become some higher being of intelligence from another planet, don't ever think you can tell a woman what she is going through and how to recover from it. Also, you need to take a few lessons in how to hold a civilized conversation with someone of differing opinions. You were downright rude to Matt Lauder on live TV. You insulted him in front of the public and gave the man no respect for his intelligence and experience. How dare you! Who do you think you are? A supreme human? A God? Well, I hate to dissapoint you but, you are neither.

Whatever works for you does not necessarily work for someone else. No two people on this earth are the same. Yes, we all possess the same body structure in the sense of two hands, two feet, two eyes, two lungs, one each of organs like a kidney, gallbladder and heart. Where the @$#%&* did you put your heart? Forgive me, your attitude seemed to have rubbed off on me. Your arrogance sent me into shock. Is this why you had trouble keeping previous marriges together? Did you try to control the women in your life with your scientology beliefs? My philosphy is and always will be, to each his own. By the way, scientology is not a religion. You said someone could be a Christian and a scientologist but, that is like saying someone could be a Catholic and a Baptist at the same time. That statement in itself let me know you really don't know as much as you would like others to believe.

Tom Cruise, you owe Matt Lauer an apology and another one to all the women in the world. I won't even get into how many psychiatrist you owe one to. I have no problem with you holding true to what you believe in. What I do have a problem with is you trying to act as if your way is the only way and everything else be dammed. Give me a break. Your arrogance is not pretty at all Tom. You need to look inside yourself again. It's obviously been too long since you looked in the mirror.

Next time you want to voice your opinion, make sure you think first, then speak. Not open mouth, put foot in, then speak. That happens to be my point of view.


Blogger Sylvia Hubbard said...

You tell'em Sylvia. Just another man who thinks he's got us women figured out. They don't know half the truth. GIRL POWER! They need to shut up and just go with the flow. LOL. Good point and I hope Tom Cruise gets this message and apologize. Injudicious Butthole.

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