Thursday, August 11, 2005

Out of Control - Part Three

Ok you already read about the first two times I had no control over my circumstances. Get ready for the last time.

My son and I were both getting ready for work. He, having to leave a tad earlier than I, went out the door and to the garage, pulled out his car, hit the remote and then . . . bang! The garage door comes tumbling down. No, it did not roll down it slammed down. Naturally, this made my son get out of his car and see what the problem was. Lo and behold, the spring that controls the tension of the door as it rolls up and down had snapped.

Ok, ok, you know what they say happens. Leave it to say the words that came out of my mouth at that time was more like *#$%. He came in the house to tell me of the snafu and we together decided we must remove my car before he leaves and leave the door down until the next day. It is that day he will see what he can do to repair the door. My son takes my car keys and proceeds to bring my auto out of the garage. As he lifts the door by hand, to his surprise more pieces of the garage starts falling like rain drops, piece by piece it began to fall apart.

As most people now a day, my son carried a cell phone all time. He dialed me in the house and said, “Mom you are going to have to come move your car. Come out here and you will see what I mean.” Naturally I thought my son was losing a few marbles. Couldn’t he drive a car out of the garage?

I went to the backyard and my son was holding the door up with his hands. He informed me the door would come crashing to the ground if he let go. And yes, as I looked around, pieces of it were everywhere. I bent down, worked my way under the door and saw what had happen. Quickly I jumped into my car, put it in gear and drove out of the garage.

To myself, I thought this should be it. My memory was going through some of the things I had heard as I was growing up. Bad things happen in threes, three strikes and your out. This is number three. Now it is over, hopefully. One, I went without water. Just set me back a little time. Two, I lost my teeth. Will cost me quite a bit of money. Three, now the garage is in disarray. It will cost me more money. No wonder I can’t get ahead.

I obviously have been out of control of the situations I have been put in. I had no control over a water line break, no control over the garage door wearing out and no control over my teeth being lost. I know, I know, that last one you are saying, “Yes you did.” Well, I don’t think so. I blame that one on the menopause I am going through. And I have no control over that. It’s just my point of view.


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