Friday, July 22, 2005

Guidance and Inspiration

Many in the world today are wrestling with how they should live a fruitful life. The hardest part they encounter is deciding what is right and what is wrong. Over my life time I have discovered there is no one concrete way to go about things. It turns out that our ideology is what is most important. To know, understand, and practice what we believe to be the moral, ethical, and spiritual mind set we choose. Therefore, I have come across with some inflatus over my years on this earth. The following are ten of mine to get you started thinking about where your head is right now.

Learn that love, sex, and lust is not the same.

Know who you are and why you are you.

Make life plans and know what goes with it and what doesn’t.

You can’t undo yesterday, the past, the present is today,
which will affect tomorrow, your future.

Don’t ever give what you don’t want to receive.

To get respect, you’ve got to earn it. To give respect, you have to
know what it is.

Everyone is born with a long life line. A carefree sex life can shorten it.

Get to know the person you lay down with before you lay down.

Whenever you’re not sure about something, walk away.

If you create it, you own it for life.

These are some of Sylvia’s view points on life. You can include them in yours, pass them onto others, or simply ignore them, the choice is yours.


Blogger Easterbaby said...

Sylvia, those are some very wise words. I think most peopleknwo these things but for some reason, choose to do the opposite. We blame alot of others for our issues but really we destroy ourselves with our decisions.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Charlee said...

My husband of 39 years was deployed to Jackson, MS yesterday with the Red Cross Disaster Preparedness team from Iowa. It will be three weeks before he will return...longer if necessary. He left during a time when I am ill but we both knew he had to go. For every man such as my Tom, there is another one out there who thinks only of himself, his wants, and his needs. I firmly believe in the old adage that whatever good you do is returned to you threefold but whatever bad you do is returned tenfold. The looters have a lot of bad karma waiting to bite them in the shorts.

3:41 PM  

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