Sunday, July 03, 2005

Heavenly Song Birds

A while ago, death stop being a sad occasion for me. Contribute it to my spiritual enlightenment. Once I delved into understanding the connection between death and the higher power, I stop crying tears of sorrow. It’s not that I won’t miss someone who has passed on, but it’s more an acceptance of the final phase of destiny.

A long time ago when I faced death head on, I had mixed emotions. The usual why me, what did I do wrong type of questions created havoc in my life. I had to die to learn to live. After doing so, I discovered ways to enjoy my life more here on earth. Because of that I say Bon Voyage to Luther Vandross and Obie Benson, of the original Four Tops, with sincerity.

You see the two men of old school music, the music that always caused you to conjure up dreams of love, joy, peace, good will, and so many feelings of completeness, have now reached their destinies. They now will no longer have to dream of being whole, but will be one, one with God up high.

Yes, we will miss them. We baby boomers. We grew up listening to the smooth melodies of one and the contribution to four part harmonies of the other. Many of us took their songs and turned them into atheneums and signature sounds of weddings and anniversaries. They made us feel good, good about life and all its wonders. Although we will no longer hear the voices live again, we will always hear the voices in our memories. The memories will stay with us until it is our turn. Then, alas, we will all be together. Until then I’ll just keep on dancing, laughing out loud, to the tunes, remembering when and waiting. All I need to say to the rest of you, good music never dies. To Luther and Obie, until we meet again.


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