Monday, September 19, 2005

Spinning Flax on the Wheel

I normally attempt to stay out of conversations on politics and religion. As an old political federalist, I once advocated government regulations. Yet, the political climate in Detroit at this time has me upset to no end. I am just about ready to crucify a few people but, I am too God-fearing to do so.

First, I am not the least bit interested in who donnits. You can’t un break a broken down house or whip a dead horse back to life. With that said, it’s time to fix the house of Detroit, not throw a can of Behr paint on it and wait to see what happens. It should not be for sale.

Moving on, here’s my take on the whole blasted thing. I want solutions. I want a selection of solutions. When I ask, “What needs to be done,” I want concrete answers. My tolerance level for political dizens spinning the wheel for the flax, is below zero. I know what I want. I want options to choose from that allow me to see all the pros and cons. I have, pardon me, we have no time for standing around watching the city of Detroit fall down brick by brick. Either we, the populace including the politicians, know how to fix the problems or we need to get out of the way of those that do.

The battle of the blockheads that’s going on between mayoral candidates is driving me crazy. I don’t care who did what, when, how, and where. It’s a done deal now. The only choice we have is to find solutions to fix what is in a disarray without using what hasn’t worked in the past. Remember, we bury the dead, not argue over them. Each time the candidates throw punches back and forth, we, the people, lose time on finding resolutions to the messes. Until they can give me something to chew on, I am peeved.

If they ask what I want, I will simple state, I want them to get to work. I want them to tell me how they are going to repair the house of Detroit. I want to know what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, and why they picked what they did to do the job. If they can’t give me straight answers, I will tell them that too. My patience is wearing thin with this upcoming election. I better start hearing and seeing some real solutions with substance or I will write my own name on the ballot. I could run the house of Detroit just as well as those who say they can. Heck, it doesn’t take a college degree or experience to be a jackass.


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