Monday, December 12, 2005

Sylvia Speaks

First, let me say Thank You to all of you out there in cyber space that visit my blog. I once questioned myself about if I should continue this blogging thing or not. Well, many of you told me to keep at it. Because I had no idea if anyone read my blog, I was concerned about wasting my time. I am such an organized writer that I never like losing time doing something (like keeping a blog going) that takes away from my creative spirit. Anyway, you told me not to stop, even if I didn’t get e-mail to tell me that you read what I wrote. So, I am sincerely wishing all of you who do read my view points, a very Happy Holidays.

Moving On

Now, last week I told you about and their violation of copyright laws. Someone asked me how did I know this. Well, as a member of the National Writers Union and as one on a steering committee, it’s my job to keep up with what effects writers. The union was formed to fight for writers rights. Because freelancers, like myself, are taken advantage of by the big publishing houses and print media, we in the union must keep up with what they do. This is done by staying in the know on anything that has anything to do with the laws as they apply to writers. If you want to know more, visit the National Writers Union at In the near future you will be hearing more and more from the union because we are going to be picking up the pace and raising some hell. Writers are also suffering from the outsourcing and the same myriad of problems other workers in America are suffering. I will attempt to keep you up to date.

Writers Work

Finally, I don’t have a lot of time this week. I just finished school this past week. I had a presentation, a final test, and one last writing assignment to get done by today. With Xmas coming up very soon and one last assignment for a publishing house, I am in a crunch now to complete it. Therefore, I am so looking forward to some time off. I want and need some time off. So I plan on taking some. When this week comes to an end, you may or may not hear from me. I plan to just do nothing until I feel rested. How long that will take I don’t know. What I do know is, I need some rest so I am going to get some rest. I need some quiet time so I am going to take some quiet time. I need some time to read, so I am going to read. When I feel I have had enough, I will come back. But until then, see ya later!


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