Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The View Point Blog

Last week I was questioning whether or not I should keep this blog going. You see I was concern about not knowing if my blog was read by anyone. To my surprise, a viewer of the blog sent me a comment. This viewer was gracious enough to explain to me the way most people view blogs. He or she, I don’t know which it was because they left the comment anonymously, said that most individuals don’t leave comments on a blog. The person went on to say that if I am looking for a response from readers, I was out of luck. In other words, readers of blogs are more than likely, surfers. You know those who like to click around.

Without this individual knowing it, he or she, had reassured me that someone was reading my blog, even if I didn’t know it. That made me feel somewhat better. I guess because I am not a surfer of the web, I had forgotten that a lot of others are. So what purpose does a blog serve? A place to get things off your chest and maybe, just maybe, someone else who feels the same way will read your thoughts and say, thank you. Will they tell you straight out? No. But the comment I got on my View Point last week was a welcomed follow-up.

So I will continue to post something on my blog, View Point. It may come each week or maybe not but, I will continue to post to my blog. Only because I do have opinions and don’t mind expressing them now and then. No, I can’t promise you a daily or weekly post. I can only share when I think I have something worth sharing. Lately, I have been so busy going to school, conducting workshops on writing and attending writing functions, that I really haven’t had time to share points of view on anything. I know, a lot of you are probably saying, “so what’s your complaint, you’re working aren’t you?” I guess I felt a responsibility to you, the readers. Like a newspaper writer, if you want others to hear what you say, you have to open your mouth. Anyway, just letting you and that individual who commented know, I hear you. Hopefully, I will feel the need to share another one of my points of view with you soon.


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