Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Some Just Don’t Get It

Immediately after posting my blog to start the new year, I got a response. I was advised to change my promises to myself to resolutions because I sounded selfish. Not! If the individual read the post completely and thought about what I was saying, the individual would know it was not being selfish.

A resolution is normally made for selfish reasons right? I seem to remember each person’s resolution being one they make to themselves. Most people will add something at the end of their list as a way of making a contribution to a better world. What everyone most likely understands is, you can’t change things in the world without first changing things within yourself. What good would the blind leading the blind be? You can’t contribute to mankind without knowing what mankind is all about, including yourself.

The word resolution is stated in dictionaries as meaning “a firm decision.” I didn’t know that it was unjust when we make firm decisions for ourselves. Resolution (firm decision), promise (firmly intend), or declaration (an explicit statement), isn’t that just a play on words? So, in response to the one that felt I was being selfish when I made promises to myself, you do things your way and I’ll do things my way. I wish you much success and I will remember you when I get mine.


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