Monday, May 29, 2006

Inside the Book

It’s called peeking inside the book. So the following is just that, a peek inside my new book, The Write Life. Read on and enjoy.

It’s Not Money, It’s Your Life Plan

To manage your money, you must manage your life. To accomplish either there must be order. Lack of order produces chaos. When your money and life is in a chaotic state, you lose control.

A writer’s life demands control. Why? It does not guarantee a steady income. It is at the mercy of the marketplace. Consumers decide if you can sell what you write. Therefore, to make a living writing, your writing will consist of 40% of what you want to say and 60% of what the reader wants to hear.

There is something else that determines your success at living a writer’s life. You have heard it before. What is it? It is timing. When most people think of timing, they think of luck. Trust me when I tell you luck has nothing to do with it. Timing in this matter is knowing what the marketplace desires and needs at the current point in time. For example: as you are reading this does the marketplace demand more fiction and autobiographies or is the public aware of their need for history and memoirs? Gauging the consumer’s barometer on appealing reading material is crucial to your success. Being able to judge what sells and what does not, requires you being very observant, in tune with the marketplace, and able to provide what the marketplace wants.

Even though we all sometimes feel the need to jump right out into the writers’ circle, we must keep in mind we have other needs too. To enjoy a livelihood of choice can fulfill an emotional need but, it cannot meet the requirements of health, emotional, or spiritual issues. As you elect to step forward into this new endeavor, do not forget to stay mindful of the fact that all areas of your life must fit in the plan. If your choice brings chaos to other parts of your life, then serious consideration must be given to your expectations.

Now get ready. Put your thinking cap on and grab paper and pen. This section will open your mind to ways of doing what you have been dying to do. Hopefully, it will provide you with food for thought as it guides you in planning a new life.


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