Monday, July 24, 2006

More Random Thoughts

Workplace Philosophy

If men could have babies, workplace environments would change. There would be more flexibility for workers to have a personal life and a work life with no more choosing between the two. Women have to deal with prioritizing family over business or vice versus, when actually the two are on the same level. Both occupations require a multitasker in which women excel. Men have already shown they cannot master the two at the same time.


Here in southeast Michigan they discovered bones of a Mastodon. That in its self says if bones are preserved properly, people in the future could learn a lot. Imagine if we preserved the bones of humans, hundreds of centuries later, humans would be able to sustain a life span for much longer. How? The human bones could tell them what we did right and what we did wrong by looking at the lasting effects . . . how amazing that would be.

Reality Talent TV

Is it just me, or does it look like every producer and wannabe producers are trying to jump on the band wagon? The current upcoming Fall lineup will deluge us with every so-called talent show you could possibly think of. Has everyone gone brain dead? It sure looks like it. I want to know where those with some imagination are. Why is creativity not producing new ideas that convert into new TV shows? I do know it could be because I don’t have cable. But, the big wigs at NBC, CBS, WXYZ, WB, and UPN seem to have forgotten how to take chances. They are already losing points to cable. Could it be they have no guts anymore?


In 1971 I turned 18 and registered to vote. I had moved to California but returned to Michigan in 1972. It was one of those years to get ready to elect state and local political officials. I got busy. I read and kept up with every person running for an office. I knew what they had done and planned to do. So for 24 years I have attempted to stay in the know on politicians. It’s a dam shame I’m worn out now, so worn out I don't care who is running for what. Yet, there are three individuals I hope and pray win three slots on the ballot. Why? I have gotten to know them personally for twelve and a half years. I know where they live and worship while knowing exactly how they feel about what affects me. I also know if it affects me, it does the same to each of them. So I’m hanging in there with three signs on my lawn that says so. I may be tired of the political B.S. of the day, but I still have hope.


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I am a Single dad, I think I have learned a lot from women . . . and I can multitask . . . smile. Keep you hope!!!

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