Monday, June 26, 2006

Drawing Blanks

What do you do when you have so much and nothing to say at the same time? For instance, following are all the things running through my mind.

Iraq war, economy, money, books I want, school, the weather, friends, family, spiritual soul, writing, a vacation, reunions, yard work, new clothes, new car, neighborhoods, kids education, and much more than I have time to list here.

The problem is, how do I prioritize them? Do I write about what is life threatening or flights of fancies in my head first? Is it really important to prioritize? Whew, I am getting a headache just writing about this right now. The reason being, I had promised myself that I would blog at least once a week. Unlike all the other bloggers out there, I can’t find words to say what I want to say each and every week, let alone every day. I’m sorry to say that I just don’t feel like running off at the mouth (in print) all the time.

Wait a minute, maybe that is the problem. So many nowadays want to talk, talk, talk. Nobody seems to be listening anymore. Which category do you fit in? I apparently like to talk but do have a need to listen sometime. It could be the very reason I can’t seem to find a subject matter today for this blog. Or, it could be another menopausal moment for me. Anyway, here I am, sitting at my computer trying to think of something good or of interest to write.

With a myriad of thoughts flowing around in my brain (could have something to do with my “to do” chores too), I seem to be drawing blanks. To give you a good description, words are scrolling around my cerebrum like a Wall Street ticker tape of the stock market. I see them but have no idea what to do with them. Do I write them down, are they signals on what to write, or are there just too many dam thoughts in my head? Maybe I really do need a vacation right now. I do know a promise is a promise that should always be carried out, even one you make to yourself.

Actually, this could have something to do with being worn out. I spent the last month, getting a new book ready for print, doing the promotion for the book, looking for more writing work, completing a writing assignment I already have, working on a committee with my church, prepping my yard and gardens for summer, teaching Red Cross classes, celebrating birthdays and graduations, while trying to enjoy my own. I think that is it. I am really tired. Yes, I have a lot of subject matters I want to discuss. Yes, I have strong opinions on them. But, I am just drawing blanks now on all of them. I think my brain needs a vacation. So until next week, just consider me away for a while.

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