Monday, June 12, 2006

PMS, It’s Not What You Think

There are three words in which every time I hear them I go, ugh! I detest and loath them, to put it mildly. I want to cry when I have to think about them. Yet, in my line of work I can’t live without them.

The odd thing about the words is the beginning letter of each spell PMS. That is exactly what I feel like I’m going through when I have to think of them. The sad part is, unlike the monthly cycle women endure in which PMS passes, it doesn’t ever go away for a writer. What am I talking about? Promote, market, and sell.

As you can see, the letter “p” stands for promote, which stands for popularize, which means convince people like you to buy. The letter “m” means merchandise, meaning goods that people like you buy. Finally the letter “s,” my all-time favorite, . . . yeah right, anyway, this letter says an exchanges of money while saying buy, buy, buy.

Can you see why these three words drive me crazy? A salesman I am not. I am a writer. For the duration of seven days and 24 hours, I have to become enthralled with this unique form of PMS. Without it I can’t survive. Without it I would have no reason to continue writing. Without it, who would even know I exist?

Due to this stipulation as part of an agreement I made with myself, I must ask, seek, request, appeal, beg, solicit, and plead to yours and others sensibilities, to take interest in my new book The Write Life. At certain times of my day, I have to shed my writer’s cap and begin pitching, hawking and whatever it takes to promote, market and sell. Like it or not, it is part of a writer’s life. Is the book any good? I think so and so do my editors. Let’s just say, my editors are what is called selective, if they say it is good, it is.

Still, not sure? Take a peek inside the book on my web site at Book Pages If you like what your read, you can order a copy at Books


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