Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Correcting a Wrong

Sometimes we do things thinking we are doing the “right thing.” Yet, later we discover we have done it wrong. This happened to me. I was scammed, fooled, and lied to on Proposal 2 coming up on the ballot Election Day.

I was tricked into signing the petition to put it on the ballot. Little did I know what mess I help start. Like all people approached on the streets at public places, I listened to a young man tell me about the proposal. I felt it was my duty to make sure affirmative action laws were not rewritten or changed in any way. They are fine the way they are. But it turned out to be a farce what he had told me.

The way Proposal 2 is set up, I and many others, especially women, will end up on the losing end. Women and other ethnic groups will no longer have a level playing field if this proposal passes. No longer we will be able to look at doors open for us to go to school, hired for jobs, and get appropriate medical services. We will have to face discrimination in housing, goods that are sold, and set back a few decades when it comes to discrimination.

I feel bad because I didn’t follow my usual line of researching something before I sign on for it. I listened to a pitch on the street and gave it the ok. Now it is up to the citizens of Michigan to decide if affirmative action should be as it is or eliminated all together. If it is, take a good look at California and know that you too will be left out in the cold.

If you are not white, rich, or from a family with a lot of heritage, the benefits of affirmative action you have now will cease. Remember how you are constantly told to read the fine print? I failed to do that and now the proposal is on the ballot. Don’t think you need affirmative action laws? Think it is only for minorities? If you are a female, you are a minority. And females will suffer the most.

Females will lose their chance to enter fields of study geared toward men on a level playing field. Women might lose options for medical care like breast and pelvic exams for free. Women will also be reverted back to the discrimination they faced when buying homes and getting jobs decades ago. We cannot let this happen. Stand with me in voting “NO” on Proposal 2.


Blogger Steve Sutton said...

Interesting. You didn’t read what you signed yet you were “scammed, fooled, and lied to on Proposal 2.” You failed to “read the fine print” even though ballot petitions have strict guidelines on the size of print. Meaning of course there was no fine print, it was all in big bold letters that were easy to read.

Now you regret signing it and you want to scam, fool and lie about Proposal 2 to convince others.

California passed a similar initiative and women haven’t been returned barefoot to the kitchen. Cavemen aren’t dragging them around by their hair. They are not being denied loans to purchase houses nor jobs for which they are qualified. Women are still able to get breast cancer screening and battered women shelters are still open. Women are still applying to colleges in greater numbers than men. The clock hasn’t stopped, let alone been turned back.

You claim you didn’t do your homework before signing the petition. You should do it now:

The University of California still maintains programs that assist minorities and women. For example, the goal of UC’s Louis Stokes California Alliance for Minority Participation is to significantly increase the number of degrees granted to underrepresented minority students in science, engineering, and mathematics. In addition, UC’s Society of Women Engineers conducts programs such as Girl Scout Day to expose the world of engineering to K - 12 grade girls.

Feel free to check UC’s site for confirmation on both facts:

CAMP: http://www.camp.uci.edu/overview.html

SWE: http://www.seas.ucla.edu/swe/special.html
If you are headed to California and need cancer screening, visit http://www.dhs.ca.gov/cancerdetection/ to find out where you can undergo breast, prostate, and cervical cancer screenings.

If you find yourself in need of shelter from domestic abuse, check: http://www.mch.dhs.ca.gov/programs/bwsp/bwsfacts.htm

If you didn’t know what you were signing, you can make up for it by finding out what you’re really voting on. We shouldn’t be correcting the wrongs of discrimination with discrimination.

Vote Yes on Proposal 2.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Anointed_Woman said...

God is in control!

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fine print or not it is still small.

Assist, the verb automatically seperates the assister from the assisted; the weak from the powerful. If one needs assistance, one is not in control. If one is assisting, one is in control. So, who needs assistance again?

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