Monday, February 12, 2007

Tidbits Again

I haven’t been with you for the last three weeks and it is because I have been busy. But I do have a few thoughts on a couple of things brought out last week and thought I would share them with you.

State of the State by Governor Jennifer Granholm

Our great governor mention what she called “No Worker Left Behind” as a way to assist those who get laid off, downsized, or plain fired from jobs after many years will get help from the state with their transitions. Now this sound good on the surface but, I have to ask, what about those like me? People like me who chose to go through their transitions before the bottom fell out in the big companies. Others, like myself, saw it coming and moved on before we got slapped in the face with it. Yet, no one is helping us rebound from the action taken.

Granholm says she will want to finance the education of those who lose their jobs to upgrade their skills or even change careers. Hello, that is what I have been doing for the last two years and with not one drop of help. Will the program the governor introduce and attempt to pass include me and others who started already? If not, I plan on shouting out loud, FOUL PLAY!

Why? Because I saw things coming before they came and tried to prepare for it. Because I and others knew a change was coming and thought ahead on what we knew we would have to do and not a darn soul offered to help us. If we are not included in the new plan right alone with the newbies, I plan on making a lot of noise and make sure everybody know that we are being left out.

The mature individuals she want to accept and assist are no different from me. I deserve just as much assistance as they do and will demand my fair share of the pie. Granholm says three years of schooling paid for by the government is fair. I do agree. Since I only have two years left to complete my transition, helping me will only cost them two instead of three. If they pay for me to go full time, they will only have to pay for one. Sounds like a good deal to me.

So I have said my piece on that subject and I will now move on.

Anna Nicole Smith

She died and now everyone is wondering what happen. I’ll tell you what happen. The woman was tired and exhausted. Contrary to what most believe, she had no one As a single mother myself, when she lost her son who she loved dearly, she lost it all. So drugs, fame, and idolatry became her substance and it wasn’t enough. It is called excess. We all know what excess anything does to us. Yes, it kills us before we even know it. Like Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith died fighting a battle alone.


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