Monday, July 09, 2007

Blogs, Blogs, And More Blogs

Have you noticed that now there are blogs everywhere you look? Individuals, newspapers and magazine writers, TV and radio personalities, associations and organizations, you name it and they have a blog. Is that good or bad?

I was just invited to do a profile blog on’s web site. Should I or should I not? I am debating that issue in my head. Yes, I am a writer who would enjoy lots of exposure but I have my own blog right here. I have my own web site with a profile of me on it. Would it not be redundant to blog all over the place?

My other question is, when do people have time to blog repeatedly on the Internet? Me, I have other things to do with myself. There are my church activities, networking face to face, reading (including my Bible), cleaning house, entertainment activities, teaching, and querying for more writing work. I really don’t have time for living on the Internet all day. Besides, I want people to go to my own locations on the web. That is why I started them in the first place.

Anyway, I am siting here right now doing this blog and wondering if I should take a little more time to do a profile on Amazon. Yea, I know the Amazon web site is one that the world looks at more than any other. Not just for books but just about anything you can think of. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. It is still up in the air. If I do, I have to come up with some catchy way to get others to want to read and share my profile. That is more work which I don’t have a desire to do.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on this but in the mean time visit my own web site at



Blogger Mikey said...

I would think that any exposure is good. To branch out in yet another forum of communication may seem trivial, redundant, or just a waste of time, but in would serve a two tier purpose.
One, it give you another place to get your name out. This can bring more readers into your own world if you venture out and reach them in theirs. Just be sure to link them back to your own projects.
Two, this will keep you motivated to keep writing. In a Stephen King book I read once, "On Writing", his biggest advice to new writers or those who want to consider writing as a profession, was to write every day and to read every day. He said to set aside time to do it, and make no exception. This may be yet another avenue for you to do just that.


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