Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Who Will Be My Next President?

This campaign era we are in is bringing out the ugly in the candidates as it always has. I watched the debate this past weekend and was very disappointed. I wanted to know the plans. Being one of the independents that they say they were after, makes me wonder if they truly understand why we are independent.

When I watch debates, I want simple things. They go like this. One, what do you plan to do about the economic situation across the country, especially in the state of Michigan where I live. Two, since I already know where you stand on the war in Iraq, how do you plan to fix the debacle it is in. Three, where do you stand and what are you going to do about the No Child Left Behind law which I am totally against. Four, when it comes to health care for Americans, what do you plan to do about it, period. I could go on and on but you get the picture I am sure. I want straight answers from each candidate and not a mud slinging contest from them.

If I remember correctly one or two of the candidates gave an answer or two but the whole debate disappointed me. I still have no idea who stands for what or why. So who do I vote for? Yes, I will still cast my ballot but I am in a quandary as far as for whom. I look at the job of the president the same way I look at any job applicant. You must show me your qualifications. They start with education, past experience, communication abilities, view points, attitude toward team work, etc. All of you have applied for jobs before. Why should the job of the president be any different in applying for than any other job?

The next president has to perform better than the president before him. This applies to every job you have ever had to fill. For me there is no difference in applying for the job of the president. I will tell you why. This individual has the responsibility of running this country the way you run any successful business. In doing so, he/she must run it efficiently, competently, with a mission statement to follow, solid policies to follow and a complete understanding of who he/she works for, us, the people.

So far I only see a trace of this. Some look to have potential and some don’t. If I, an independent is continuously overlooked, will find myself truly wondering why I should continue to believe in America.

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Blogger Mikey said...

Hi Sylvia

I've found this web site rather useful in finding out where candidates have stood in the past or where they say they stand now. And its rather unbiased.


It uses quotes and voting records and covers all teh major candidates.


12:40 PM  

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