Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Behind Closed Doors No More

It’s over. The door has been opened to the public. Kilpatrick can leave it alone now. In other words, let it go. The Michigan Supreme Court said the bucket argument doesn’t hold water. There is a hole in the pail.

I am so glad that all that was said and done is finally available to everyone and anyone to view. Hopefully, now what the h#@$ was carried out in the name of justice can be seen by all. We will all be able to see the pile of sh#@$ that was dropped in our laps and told to deal with it! Your money and my money has in the past and now in the future will be paying for this mess for a long time. Lies, lies, and more lies are now going to be brought to the light. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to SCREAM as loud as I can in Kilpatrick’s ear. WHAT THE H#$@ WERE YOU THINKING? DO YOU THINK I AM STUPID?

The sad part to all this is, Kilpatrick and his posse still think it was a political campaign. I got an e-mail that tries to blame the newspapers for “his” fiasco. As I said before, I am a journalist and I know better when it comes to what is legal and what is not. It’s part of being in business as a journalist. Picture this scenario. I just cut off Kilpatrick’s hand when I caught him with it in the cookie jar. As we stand in the kitchen - face to face - with the bloody hand in mine, Kilpatrick is swearing to God, it is not his. That I am imagining things.

We all know the old saying, “too much, too little, too late.” I wonder if Kilpatrick has ever heard it before. Lord knows I have tried repeatedly to give Kilpatrick the benefit of the doubt, being young and all, but this just shows how arrogant the brother was and still is. What was read on the news this afternoon from the documents was appalling, one deal to cover another deal and no explanation to the city council on the details. If they don’t take it upon themselves - as the charter allows - to remove Kilpatrick from his throne, then it will be time to give them a look over. But that’s another story that I am sure will be told soon.

To all of you out there in Metro Detroit, you better start demanding your rights, like the newspapers did. If you don’t, then we might as well continue fighting in the Middle East for somebody else’s treatment and forget about our own.

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