Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kwame, Kwame, Kwame

Perjury (noun) the offense of deliberately telling an untruth in court when under oath.

Okay, we here in the Detroit Metro area are now given more evidence of more lies. The question becomes, can Detroit still be ran efficiently with this new distraction. Funny I just posted on this blog the distraction concerning Obama and now there is one concerning Kwame Kilpatrick. All I can say is, “Lord, give me a break please.” It is no surprise to me that most people are probably tired of the same old bull going back and forth in local and national politics.

The reason being, whether the President admits it or not, we are in a recession. We need to get to work fixing this country’s financial woes. The state of Michigan is in a worse state than the rest of the country. Michigan never really recovered after 9/11. I know, because I took a leap of faith and started a new career of writing in 2002 and the results have not been good. Don’t get me wrong. There have been ups but mostly downs for me. Bad timing on my part. The recession started in Michigan in 2002and continued on until the whole country is now affected. Blame it on the war, blame it on politics, blame it on whatever you want, it’s here now and needs fixing.

This makes it hard for the rest of the country to understand or have any desire to come to Michigan. Kilpatrick’s issues don’t help either. Detroit is the biggest city in Michigan. It is the home of the Big Three and the rest of the auto industry. When people think Michigan, they think Detroit, not Lansing, Grand Rapids, or Pontiac. This puts Kwame Kilpatrick in a precarious state as mayor. Should he stay or should he go is the question?

Here’s what I think and why. Yes, he should resign. But what you may have not thought of is this. If Kilpatrick resigns, he collects no unemployment here in Michigan. The state changed that law back in the 1980s. If he is let go by the city council, then unemployment can be disbursed to him. Now think about it. Kilpatrick has mounting legal fees, a family to take care of, and who knows how many other bills coming every month and no home of his own. With a foundation set up to help him with his legal cost, how would all the other expenses be covered if he gets no unemployment. So, I think he is hanging in until he is let go to be able to receive some money without a job. By the way, if you were an employer, would you hire him after this scandal that has surfaced? I don’t think so. That is why Kilpatrick won’t quit. It’s a money thing.

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