Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wouldn’t You Change Your Mind?

Here’s the question. If you came home from work and found your house had been broken into and it’s in shambles, what would be your first thought? If you’re like me it would be, catch them and hang them high. If the law doesn’t I surely will.

Now here’s the information you’d get the next day. Those who broke in and destroyed your home were caught by the police. Now for the details. One, they were all 12-year-olds who are mentally challenged. Two, they were falsely told your home was going to be torn down and they could go in and take whatever they wanted. Three, they had to do it with guns to their backs. Four, sadly the real crooks were not the ones caught. Do you still want to catch and hang them high?

This is why I don’t understand why people are not jumping for joy that President Obama is not a stubborn ass who thinks he can do no wrong and is perfectly right about everything. As we all know, the controversy is about pictures, war pictures, war pictures that show torture. What the president wanted originally was to show them to the public. What the president found out later was, he could cause more harm than good. So he said it would be a no go due to new information acquired.

Don’t you remember when your mother and father would be so far off from the truth? But you couldn’t tell them so because children were to be seen and not heard? Well, all I can say is, thank you President Obama for realizing those you pay and supervise (your children) can be heard, not just seen. Thank you for changing your mind.

Now, if we could just get the other children out there to cross the street safely, like President Obama, they would stop at the corner, look both ways to see if it is safe, then cross. I know I would and that is exactly what the president did. So, those who are upset, maybe, just maybe, you need a refresher course on how to look both ways then walk between the crosswalk lines before crossing a street.

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Blogger King Arthur said...

A very nice read!!!!

3:13 PM  
Blogger Sylvia McClain said...

Thank you King Arthur. so many times people don't always like what I say and that is ok with me. The whole purpose of me and my blog is to get people to communicat again. We seem to only sit and stew over what others say and do instead of stating our case.

4:42 AM  

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