Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Musings from Sylvia

Ok, so I stretched the truth. You didn’t hear from me the week after my last rant. I have been busy. Sue me. My blog today is a short and simple one.

Enough all ready Kilpatrick, step down like a man so the city can move forward. As I see it, you are hanging by a thin thread and can’t hear the music. Your days were numbered a long time ago and you just hate to admit it. Is it because you are afraid you won’t get your pension? Spare me please. Unless you are actually convicted of various crimes, they have to handover the retirement money. I wish they didn’t but it is the law. So take your money and run will you? Give us all a break from the merry go round so we can stop spinning in circles.

McCain and his Supporters
The attack ad is a disgrace. Comparing Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton with Barack Obama, are you kidding? Are you having trouble with Obama having the ability to reach the masses? I don’t think you realize that this country’s citizens are just plain tired of the war, being jobless, losing their homes, high gas prices and a host of other things they feel is the result of a Republican being in office. It is as simple as that. Another eight years of Republican rule scares the heck out of people. They were doing well when a Democrat ran the ship and it went downhill when a Republican took over. Their attitude, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, I deserve it. Nobody plans on being fooled again.

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