Monday, October 03, 2011

Why Are The Schools Not Listening to Their Students?

More and more children are killing themselves because while attending school they are being bullied. As I watched the Anderson Cooper show today, I was horrified by how many children live a daily life of terror.

My question is this, when will we begin protecting the children from bullies? When will we put ourselves in their place, so that we can truly understand what is happening to them? When will we stop being scared and frighten to face the bullies and their families?

There is no other way to fix this, then to confront them one by one, or even as a group. My desire is to have a wake up call. Contact the schools, contact the families, contact the government and tell them to take control again of the kids that bully. You see when I was growing up and going to school, no one could attack another student. No one could call a child out of their name. No one could hang around in the hallways to play.

Now here is my last thought on this. If my child had been a bully going to school, I would have done what I did one time to him. He had been disruptive in a class and I pulled him out of class and gave him a good old fashion whipping right there in the hallway.

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