Thursday, June 10, 2010

General Motors has Lost It’s Mind

Now I have heard it all. GM wants us to stop using the word "Chevy" for Chevrolet. Ok, there is new management in the “new” GM, but are they aware of what the brand name “Chevy” means?

As long as I can remember, using the word Chevy was the only way to describe a Chevrolet. It was cool, it was hip and it was upbeat. Do you remember famous Bob Seger singing about the Chevy truck? “Like a rock” it was called. We as writers know nothing can destroy a company faster than not having a brand name that can be remembered for centuries. Again, has the new GM team forgotten what a brand name means?

How do you feel about it? Are down with not using the word “Chevy” when you talk about the Impala, Corvette, Malibu or the classics like the Nova or Grand Prix? Not me. No matter what the new GM team says, I hope that you, like me, will never, ever stop using the word “Chevy.” And I hope that all of you will let the new GM team know it too. Go to their web site and tell them what you think of their request to abolish the use of the word "Chevy." Show them you care about the brand name for a Chevrolet car. Let them know you will continue to use the word no matter what they say. Now that’s my two cents on the subject.

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