Monday, March 12, 2007

Some Just Never Get It

Before I get into this blog, I must bring those who might be reading this at this time up to speed. A while back I wrote on a set of tidbits in this blog. Someone chose to make a comment. Here is the problem. The comment was not on the tidbits I had included in my blog but a personal attack against me as a writer. I chose to delete it from the blog but mind you, I did keep the comment in my personal file of responses.

Now, today I get another response from the same individual who by the way, refuses to list his or her name, and it is again an attack on me for deleting the first comment. I feel compelled to explain to this so called mature individual who may or may not be a writer that comments are to be made on the subject matter in the blog, not your personal thoughts on if someone is a good writer.

Another thing, let me remind you what a blog is and what it is for. A blog is nothing more than what one could call a journal or diary. Its purpose is to give people an outlet to share their personal thoughts with others. There are no wrong or right opinions to what is written in a personal blog. If I and others wrote blogs for businesses, it would be different but individual blogs are personal and no more. Hence, my blog’s title is “View Points,” not “Am I a Good Writer?”

I can now go on and explain to the gutless, immature, child who claims he or she knows about me and my writing based on one book he or she claims was read but provided no proof. First, if I am such a lousy writer, why do you keep going to my blog? Second, if I can’t write, why has my work been published in, oh let me see, the national magazine Writer’s Digest and the local one titled Strut. Not only that, I am a regular writer to engineers and IT professionals with Equal Opportunities Publications, Inc. going into my third year with cover pieces in Workforce Diversity and African American Career World. Third, my lack of writing skills has garnered me the publication of essays included in two anthologies to be released in April and July. They are, Gumbo for the Soul and Chicken Soup for the Soul, respectively.

If that isn’t enough, now college professors at the University of Michigan-Dearborn are sending their students to me to assist them with writing a proper paper to be turned in. I asked them why not send them to the writing center at the university and was told, they have lousy helpers there that do not teach the students correctly. Also, maybe you can tell me why I was called upon by South Lyon Recreational Center, Novi Continuing Education, and Macomb Community College to do workshops on freelance writing. By the way, all I have mentioned, I get paid to do.

With that said, all I can say to you the anonymous commentator, have the guts to sign your name if you wish for me to keep it listed at my blog. Keep your comments on the subject in the blog, not your personal opinions of me. State what you agreed with or not agreed on. It isn’t important if we agree or disagree but it is respectful to know who one is addressing. You know my name but I don’t know yours. Anonymous is not a name and anyone who can stand by their thoughts would never be afraid to list their name. Besides, I might not be the only one who would like to talk to you.

Let this be the last time we go through this. I don’t know about your time but mine is precious and cannot be wasted on junk.

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