Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate; Give Me A Break

This independent voter saw a war going on, on stage. McCain was on the attack while Obama was too elusive. McCain got emotional and Obama was a straight arrow. Did it matter to me? You bet it did. What I saw in the debate was a personal battle between the two. Obama was on the defense protecting himself against McCain’s offense.

What I wanted to know was how each would establish dialogue with foreign countries. How would they end the war in Iraq? What exactly would they do about Afghanistan? What I got was McCain with an attitude. The rest of the world be dammed, because he didn’t trust a single leader in a single country. While on the other hand, Obama wanted to extend a hand but was not specific enough on how.

Another thing that pissed me off was, McCain repeatedly saying “Obama doesn’t understand.” Did he think everyone that was listening and watching was deaf and dumb? I heard you McCain. And by the way, that’s your opinion and not mine. This was supposed to be a debate (to discuss or argue points formally) not a personal war. But I guess since McCain didn’t go to college, he didn’t have any experience in debating. If I wanted to get ugly, Obama did go to law school which is where one actually learns how to debate an issue.

But let’s get back to the debate. Obama did give a few specifics (on middle class). McCain kept harping on his military experience. Well, his military experience does not apply to saving my behind economically. It will not reemploy all those who have lost their jobs. It won’t put a roof over the heads of those who have no place to call home. So McCain knows how to fight a war, but he doesn’t seem to “understand” the war is not the first concern of the homeless, jobless and the hungry.

I hope the next debate provides more insightful information on how the candidates are going to fix the “hell hole” this country is in. Tell me, how and when, this country stops rescuing the rest of the world as we die slowly, economically and emotionally. I want a real debate, not another neighborhood fight.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

It’s Time

The mayor has resigned. He has owned up to the things he did wrong. He will have to pay a considerable amount of money back to the city. On earth, as it is in heaven, thine will be done, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

So be it is all we can say now. It’s time to move on, time to repair the damage, reinstall the hope and look to the future. There is plenty of soap in the bathroom, so go wash your hands and get busy. This will not be an easy task but must be accomplished at the speed of light. We waited too long to fix it, so the only choice we are left with is full speed ahead. This disaster is like a hurricane. Citizens of Detroit have been misunderstood, under served and forgotten. It’s time to get everything running again. Yes, this is a sad chapter in the book of life in Detroit. Yet, we’ve been down before and rose up and we can do it again.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see what happen but, I saw the news. Hopefully, the news media reported it right and left it up to me to decide if things were handled with tact. So long protestors, so long advocates, so long headaches. We must all realize hanging on to what can’t be undone would be foolish. Let’s drop the, who said, she said crap. Let’s accept we all have a responsibility now to shine a new light on the city. Let’s rebuild the ladder to the sky. Let’s show the country and the world that it is over. We have moved on to bigger and better things to do.

How do we start? We start with each other. No more discussion of the rights and wrongs of the mess. Let’s talk who helps lay the new foundation, who constructs the buildings, who install the electrics, who installs the plumbing, etc. You see, Detroit is like building a new house. You start from the ground up, making sure that each step is taken with precision so you only have to do it once. No house of straw, mud, or cards. One built solid. Solid like that old song we all loved, Solid Like a Rock.

It’s a new day in a new season. If nothing else, to thy own self and the rest of the world, be true

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