Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Unnecessary Death in Sanford Florida

First what bothers me is George Zimmerman himself called 911 but, he did not follow the orders he was given. He was asked if he was following the child and he replied, yes. The officer on the line with him told him to stop doing that.

But he chose to ignore the orders he was given. Why, is what bothers me? Did he think that he was the police? All he is a volunteer, part of the neighborhood watch. Now, he should have known all the people that lived in that gated community. And Trayvon Martin lived in that community. All he was doing was going home.

Now, here is my opinion on this matter. Hopefully, with through research, the FBI and the Justice Department will realize, George Zimmerman went too far. Taking the situation into his own hands, thinking every Black kid on the block is a criminal. And that is what is called profiling.

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Anonymous pamela Towns said...

Well-written and thought provoking article.

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